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Professor Jean-Dominique Decotignie

Systemic Modeling Laboratory (LAMS) - lamswww.epfl.ch 
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Recherche / Research:

  • Research interests. They are mainly centered around energy reduction in wireless sensor networks (with the objective to get rid of batteries) with an emphasis on real-time and/or safety critical applications. My research is entirely done at CSEM (Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology).
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Publications
  • Distinctions: IEEE Fellow, IEC 1906 award, Keynote speaker for a few top conferences on real-time systems and industrial communications
  • Recent projects
    • StrainWise (EU Cleansky): real-time wireless sensor network for strain monitoring on aircrafts
    • WiseSkin (nanotera): reactive wireless sensor network embedded in an artifial skin
    • UWB4SAT (European Space Agency): Real-time MAC for IR-UWB based communication on board space crafts
    • Lynceus (EU Research for SME): Wireless sensor network for people localization and evacuation guidance on ships
    • Pebble (EU IST): ultra low power Wireless sensor network for energy positive buildings
    • Routing in ultra low-power wireless sensor networks in the context of nanotera WiseSkin project.
    • Satety Critical Sensor Networks tor Building Applications (CTI): Real-time safety critical battery operated multihop wireless sensor network for fire detection in buildings

Enseignement / Teaching:

Les cours indiqués ci-dessous sont les cours que je donne régulièrement
The courses listed below are regular courses.
Anciens cours / Previous courses

Informatique du temps réel:

Les documents de ce cours se trouvent sur moodle à l'adresse suivante. Il faudra vous authentifier avec votre compte sciper avant d'y avoir accès.

Real-Time Networks:

At the completion of the course, the student will have mastered the main problems and solutions related to communications under real-time constraints in transportation systems and in the control of industrial processes. Applications to multimedia will also be sketched.
 All the course material is on moodle at the following address. You will have to authentify with your SCIPER credentials to get access.

Handouts (to be found in moodle)

  • Grade: 50% term presentation + 50% final exam
  • The final exam is during the exam session (oral examination)
  • You will have to make a presentation on a paper around the end of the semester. The paper can either be taken from the list provided in class, or can be proposed by you. In both cases, you need to send the title of the paper to the instructor, who will validate your choice. You will be evaluated on the clarity of the presentation and your ability to summarize the paper (what is the problem addressed in the paper, what are the findings, how are they obtained, what are the possible shortcomings)
  • 2011 Mid-term presentation program and papers available here

Informatique I & II pour EL et GM:

enseigné en 2011-2012

Conception de systèmes programmables:

A la fin du cours, l'étudiant sera capable d'analyser le cahier des charges d'un système programmable (matériel et logiciel), de concevoir une solution répondant au cahier des charges et d'implanter cette solution en matériel. Pour le logiciel, il ou elle sera en mesure d'analyser les exigences et de concevoir une solution pour un système temps réel tout en maîtrisant les techniques d'ordonnancement et le calcul des temps de réponse.

Transparents du cours Enoncés des exercices Manipulation

Real-Time Programming: (no longer taught)

At the completion of the course, the student will have mastered the main topics concerning the design and programming of real-time systems. The course topics will be illustrated through exercises and a practical case study.

Handouts / Transparents du cours Hands-on / Enoncés des manipulations Exam

CV et publications / Resume and list of publications:


  • Angela Devenoge
  • Danielle Alvarez
  • Holly Cogliati
  • Note: the administration is shared with LCA.

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